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Ruth King

November 1, 2021



holidaycottages.co.uk partners with the Marine Conservation Society

We are proud that our flagship brand, holidaycottages.co.uk, is supporting the Marine Conservation Society in its vital work to preserve seagrass meadows on the South Coast of England. With our coastal regions being such popular holiday destinations, and over 250,000 people holidaying by the sea with us each year, we know the importance of protecting and preserving our coastlines for years to come.

Marine Conservation Society seagrass partnership

The Marine Conservation Society campaigns for a cleaner, better protected and healthier ocean, working with volunteers and scientists to gather data and campaign for change.

holidaycottages.co.uk is very proud to support the charity’s ongoing work to help protect marine life around our coastlines. The Marine Conservation Society has already helped educate our business, having run a number of inspiring sessions with our team, thereby enhancing our passion for our planet and its sea life. We are now looking forward to strengthening our relationship with the charity as we collaborate on their seagrass conservation initiative.

Seagrass is an underwater plant that can be found in shallow waters around the UK. It forms meadows that absorb and store large amounts of CO2. These meadows are an important biodiversity hotspot, sheltering many young marine animals. Just 1m2 of seagrass meadow can generate 10 litres of oxygen every day through photosynthesis*, producing more oxygen compared with the same area of rainforest.

Our contribution could help protect 25,000m2 (or 2.5 hectares) of unique seagrass habitat along the South Coast of England. A healthy seagrass area of this size has the potential to absorb and store 2,062.5 tonnes of carbon.

The contribution will go towards the LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES seagrass project, with whom the Marine Conservation Society is a project partner. The initiative is replanting and protecting seagrass meadows through a number of measures that include Advanced Mooring Systems in marinas as well as seagrass replanting endeavours run by the project partnership. The Advanced Mooring Systems will be put in place to reduce the damage done to the seabed as a result of traditional moorings where chains drag along the sea floor.

Seahorse in seagrass

Photo credit: Alex Mustard

Anne Thwaites from the Marine Conservation Society said: “It’s fantastic to have the support of holidaycottages.co.uk on this vital seagrass restoration and protection project on the UK’s South Coast. We’re only just scratching the surface of understanding just how important our ocean and its ecosystems are to fighting the climate crisis, but we know that seagrass has a key role to play.

“We hope this project on the South Coast will act as a blueprint for similar projects across the UK and beyond; supporting our blue planet through replanting and protecting underwater habitats, with the help of partners such as holidaycottages.co.uk, will really make a difference.”

Matt Brayley, Marketing Director at holidaycottages.co.uk, commented: “We’re thrilled to be supporting the Marine Conservation Society to help protect and restore seagrass along our coastlines. Not only do seagrass meadows act as vital carbon sinks, helping to counter the climate change issues we face, but they’re also important coastal ecosystems providing food and habitat for numerous marine species.

This is the start of our work with the Marine Conservation Society and we’re looking forward to building on this over time, to help protect and support the fantastic coastlines and marine life we’re lucky enough to have and enjoy here in the UK.”

Find out more about our partnership here, or visit the Marine Conservation Society website to learn more about the charity and the amazing work it does.

*Source: Smithsonian Ocean Portal