Written by

Sam Thomas

February 28, 2020



Holidaycottages.co.uk sponsors microplastic removal organisation Nurdle

This year, holidaycottages.co.uk is proud to sponsor Nurdle, an organisation which provides tools to coastal communities allowing them to tackle the removal of microplastics across the globe. Its work is not only focused on removing these microplastics from beaches, but also concentrates on education: helping to change the attitudes and behaviours of people towards plastic consumption.

There are around 8 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year, and these plastics are permanent and perpetual: they will never go away. Each piece of plastic is broken up into smaller pieces known as microplastics, which are floating endlessly around in the sea, being ingested by animals and washing up on our beautiful beaches across the UK, which is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Some of the simplest measures include removing plastics from the sea and  reducing the amount of single-use plastics we consume.

To date, Nurdle has collected more than 21.2 million pieces of plastic, surveyed 34 beaches across the globe and has attracted more than 3,851 supporters worldwide. And, with the launch of The Big Machine in 2019 - a revolutionary and truly scalable device which essentially vacuums the sand and sifts the plastic - in just a few hours, up to 90% of microplastics on beaches can be completely removed, therefore this a hugely effective solution to the problem.

Throughout the year, the holidaycottages.co.uk team will be supporting the efforts of Nurdle in a number of ways, from promoting - and attending - beach events to utilising their tools and knowledge to educate staff, customers and owners. Thousands of people book UK staycations through holidaycottages.co.uk each year, and if we can encourage them to make small changes to their lives (and holidays) in relation to their use of plastic, it will make a real difference.

The Travel Chapter, home of holidaycottages.co.uk, prides itself in providing a high-quality collection of properties across the UK. The stunning landscapes and habitats that span the region are a key part of making these holidays memorable. Therefore, it is essential that the company engages in activities that help to protect these environments. This new partnership with Nurdle allows holidaycottages.co.uk to champion all that is special about the UK whilst also helping to pave the way for a more environmentally conscious future as a business.

James Starkey, Chief Marketing Officer at holidaycottages.co.uk, commented: “With the need to take action on environmental issues so urgent, we’re thrilled to be able to support Nurdle with its educational mission and revolutionary tools. We celebrate the unique beauty of the UK and encourage people to get out and explore the coast and countryside. By raising awareness of the plastic problem with our staff, owners and customers through this partnership, we hope to play our part in reviving and preserving important coastal habitats for future generations. Nurdle has done an amazing job so far, and we’re looking forward to helping accelerate the message and one day, make marine plastics extinct!”

Find out more about Nurdle and its amazing work here.